Saturday, December 5, 2015


Syukur kepada Nya
Aku masih sihat dan gembira
Tenang dengan kehidupan aku
No more expectation.

Hidup ni mudah je. Jangan dirumitkan.
Buat baik, baikla yang kita dapat.
Buat jahat. Terimalah padahnya.
Every decision come with a risk.
U just have to be ready.

I know.
My family always love me.
But that don't make me a pampered person.
They make me stronger.
They make me want to live longer.

I'm going to own a house soon.
House with my name on it.

Last year i'm travelling to Singapore.
I hope next year my rezeki will allow me to go Japan
I'm able to go everywhere
-- do anything i want
because i was healthy enough and had some money in my pocket.

i am happy